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Note: Instead on Estonian letters you should use English letters, for example instead of ä use a, instead of õ or ö use o and instead of ü use u. For example the Estonian name Ülar is written in e-mail address as: ular.

Name Business title Phone 
Andres Piirsalu  CEO, Project Manager +3726177432  
Ülar Jõesaar  Project Manager (Water and Solid Waste) +3726177434  
Vahur Värk  Project Manager (Water and Solid Waste) +3726177435  
Peeter Eero  Project Manager (Water and FIDIC Engineer)  +3726177436  
Marko Laid  Water Engineer +3726177116  
Janne Tekku Planning Architect  +3725293064 
Georg Eero (collaborator) Construction Supervisor  +3726177438  
Jüri Teder (collaborator) Environmental Expert-Auditor  +3726177398  
Kerttu Kõll (collaborator) Landscape Architect  +3725228387 
Kaur Lass (collaborator) Planning Expert  
Piret Põllendik (collaborator) Landscape Architect